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Ena is 14 years old. She is much taller and slimmer than me. She has trendy brown hair and beautiful brown eyes. She has thin lips and rosy cheeks. That makes her beautiful.

She  is a shy person, because she avoids being around new people. Ena is a positive person, and she always tries to look on the bright side of life. She is creative, and loves doing colourful decorations, especially for Halloween.

She wears tight-fitting ripped jeans and baggy shirts. She feels best in this combination. She wears flat shoes, she mostly likes converse shoes.

When she grows up she wants to be a tour guide, because she loves travelling. Touir guide helps people when they are in new places. He also tells people interesting thing about new places.

L.Ć 7.B


My sister Karla is seventeen years old. She is short and plumpy. She has got brown eyes and long straight brown hair. She has got round face and freckles.

Karla is a very positive person. She always sees bright sides in negative situations. She is very creative. She likes painting and drawing, so she is decorating her room righ now. Karla is a good listener. She always listens to me, talks with me about everything and she never says lies.

Karla wears casual clothes. She often wears tight-fitting jeans, loose-fitting tops and Converse shoes. She is always trendy and modern. She has got good taste in clothes and she loves label mark clothes.

When she grows up, she wants to be an interior decorater. The interior decorater has got full-time job. She decorates rooms and homes. She makes other people happy.



     My best friend Veronika is thirteen years old. She is short and skinny. She has got long brown hair and blue eyes. She is very beautiful and she has got full lips and big eyelashes.

 She is brave, because she likes trying out something new. She is creative, because she likes drawing. She is positive too, because everything is seen from the good side.

She often wears dark colours, because she loves black. She is trendy, because she follows fashion trends. She usually dressed nicely. She never uses make-up.

When she grows up she wants to be a singer. Then she could meet her favourite singers. She could perform all over the world and shock  audience with her voice.

V.G., 7.B


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